why Double Bay?

Kathy and I first visited Eleuthera in 1987 in a Cessna 182.  We were island hopping with another couple and visited several of the Family Islands.  We had vacationed at several other Caribbean islands and found Eleuthera to be very charming.  We started coming back, first twice a year, then four times. In 1989 we decided "This is the place!" We searched from one end of the island to the other before deciding on Double Bay.  We chose this spot for several reasons: privacy, quiet, a perfect two mile long pink sand beach, great swimming and snorkeling and of course more privacy.

We met with Dan Davies, the British architect, did the siting and design for the house.  One of our goals was to keep the area on the seaside of the house as pristine as possible.  We always wanted the deserted island look that we fell in love with.  We still have it.  We can sit on the terraces of the house or at one of several seating areas at the beach and our view is unobstructed.  We cannot see any neighbouring homes.  

Several years ago we remodelled our art studio to house visiting family & friends and eventually guests.  We want our guests to experience the feeling of privacy only experienced by being on a deserted beach.

We look forward to your stay.

Mark & Kathy